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At Seattle Naturopathy and Acupuncture Center, we are always trying to find cutting edge therapies that are the safest and most effective at treating your health problems. The incidence of multiple sclerosis is higher in Seattle than in most other locations in North America. This seems to be associated with the very low levels of Vitamin D that most people have while living in Seattle. While it is often cloudy in Seattle, even with clear skies and sunny days, we are so far north here in Seattle that there is very little vitamin D production outside of the summer months.

Standard treatments for multiple sclerosis include interferon drugs that are injected on a regular basis. They are extremely expensive and can have significant side effects. The medical community has seen that the interferons often do not prevent progression of MS, and there are safe natural therapies that are showing significant benefit for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases.

The Coimbra Protocol was developed by Dr. Coimbra, a Brazilian neurologist and professor at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Coimbra’s theory is that people who suffer from autoimmune diseases frequently have a genetic predisposition that prevents them from making or metabolizing Vitamin D efficiently.

We sent Dr. Tressa Pinkleton to Brazil to study with Dr. Coimbra. She has now been certified as a Coimbra Protocol specialist – only the fifth doctor in the United States to be certified!

Through individualized laboratory tests, she will tailor a program of high Vitamin D therapy, as well as other minerals and vitamins which aid in vitamin D activation, neural tissue regeneration, and ultimately suppression of the disease.

The first appointment typically lasts 75-90 minutes. The protocol is fully explained, initial lab work is done, and your starting dose of vitamin D is established. If you are an out-of-state patient, Dr. Pinkleton can help you arrange lab testing where you live. Follow-up appointments are typically every 3 months for the first 6-9 months, then every 6 months thereafter. After you have been stable on the protocol for a year appointments are scheduled yearly.

Pricing Out-of-state

First appointment: $350, typically lasting 75-90 minutes.

Follow-up appointments: $150, typically lasting 45-60 minutes.


In-state patients may use their insurance for all Coimbra-related appointments. If Dr. Pinkleton is not contracted with your insurance then her out-of state Coimbra rates apply.

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When should you come see us? 

We encourage you to come in for preventive health counseling as well as for treatment of existing health problems.