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At times a new mother will have problems with inadequate milk supply when nursing. Acupuncture along with nutritional counseling, homeopathic remedies, and herbs has been very successful in helping women increase their milk supply and successfully breastfeed.


If your baby is tongue-tied (also called ankyloglossia), which means they have a short frenulum (the connection of the tongue to the lower mouth), then a frenotomy can greatly improve your baby’s suck and ability to nurse. We offer frenotomies, which is a simple proedure to clip the freulum and release the tongue so the baby can effectively suck and nurse.  This is usually very effective in resolving nursing problems when a tongue-tie is present.


In the American Journal of Acupuncture Vol 24, No1 1996 pg 35 several studies on treating inadequate milk supply with acupuncture are reported. These studies found a 70% – 88% improvement rate following the acupuncture treatments.


Dr. Posmantur has treated many women with this problem with great success. Please schedule an appointment if you are having difficulties with your milk supply.


If your infant is having trouble with their suck, craniosacral therapy is often effective in improving this. A lactation consultant can also help with suggestions regarding positioning and latch.

When should you come see us? 

We encourage you to come in for preventive health counseling as well as for treatment of existing health problems.